Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Posted Comment to NY Times Op-

48.June 2nd,
6:11 am A wonderful series. Reading your thought provoking essays each morning takes me (a long way) back to college days. I have one obervation to make with particular regard to criticism of Gore’s stated reasons for our society’s decline (watching television among others.) I was surpised and somewhat horrified by David Brook’s vitriolic personal attack on Gore (The Vulcan Utopia, May 29, 2007) until I used my long hours of watching my favorite programs to deduce the obvious. I know now what the man (Brook’s problem is with Gore. The man (Brooks) wants his messages to be simple and direct, appealing to fear unmodified by reason. Wait a minute, I see the man (Brooks) stepping into a telephone booth, pulling off his shirt, ripping off his clothes…and who steps out? George W. Bush. in a red, white and blue uniform. It took me a while, but using the higher centers of my brain, together with my extensive background in TV watching I figured it out. I hope I have made my comment simple enough. Tom Bleakley http://talkingtales.blogspot.com/

— Posted by Tom Bleakley