Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Recent Posting in New York Times

What follows is a short posting of mine in the New York Times in response to a query from Nicholas Kristof, a moving force behind getting some attention on Darfur, about what can be done to improve the situation in Darfur, a country where in excess of 200,000 deaths have occurred as a result of an official policy of ethnic cleansing.

22.January 29th,
6:46 am It will be difficult for the United States to take the high road on this issue, given our actions in Iraq which, in effect, are creating the playing field for massive religious based (Shiite v Sunni) genocide. With that reservation (i.e., the pot calling the kettle black), the United States should condemn the role of China by the sympolic act of refusing to participate in the 2008 Olympics unless China takes steps to modify its behavior.

— Posted by Tom Bleakley

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