Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Setup

The Setup: If one stands back and looks at George's actions over a period of time since the fall elections, one notion becomes very obvious. For want of a better term, I call this the "Setup".

The "Setup" is a plan whereby George will not take responsibility for the messes he has created. Instead, he will fob them off on the persons, Congress and new president alike, who succeed him. The Setup entails, among others, George's loyalty to his notion of being a conservative (a fairy tale if there ever was one). His acts during his presidency involve wild, out-of-control spending coupled with his so-called tax cuts leading to a budget deficit reminiscent of a teenager with Dad's credit card running amok. Why this is part of the Setup is as follows: One of the favorite mantras of Republican stalwarts over the past decade is the phrase "tax and spend" applied to describe the Democrat's fiscal policy. Given George's fiscal mismanagement, the newly elected Democratic Congress and the newly elected (Democratic) president will have no choice but to raise taxes to keep our country from economic chaos. In other words, George has "set up" the Democrats to take the blame for correcting the very situation he has created and give the fodder for future pseudo conservatives to claim that Democrats are the tax and spend party.

The "Setup" also applies to the situation in Iraq. A virtually unchangeable nightmare has been created over there and it will be necessary for the U.S. to somehow disengage from that country. George has made it clear that the disengagement will fall to the next president, i.e. that president is "setup" to take the fall. Sending an additional 20,000 young men and women over to Iraq to buy him additional time to perfect the Setup should be seen as the political move that it is; morally repugnant, but it does allow him to claim as his place in history that he was not the president that allowed the U.S. to suffer defeat in Iraq.

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