Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mr. Bush, You're No George Washington

About the only thing that George Bush and President George Washington have in common is the same first name. In his President's Day address, Bush intimated that his acts in the conduct of the Iraq War were somewhat akin to those of our first president, the real George W. The chutzpah of the man is enough to make one gag. (For those that do not understand the meaning of the term 'chutzpah', a reasonable example would be that of a man who murders his parents and then asks for mercy from the court because he is an orphan). The most striking and basic difference between the two men is the ability to tell the truth. Generation after generation of children in the United States have heard the story of George Washington admitting (i.e. telling the truth) that he cut down the cherry tree. This story has become a significant part of our national lore and symbolizes the moral character of our first president in a way that is both simple and effective, setting an example of model behavior to be emulated. Bush, on the other hand, seems not to understand the meaning of truth, nor of admitting fault. No Mr. Bush, you're no George Washington. Not even close!

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