Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Prosecutor Purge

It has become clear that the Bush administration has set out to purge prosecutors (all of which were Republicans by the way) who were simply doing their job. This small group apparently incurred the wrath of the pseudo-conservatives in control because the objects of their efforts were friends or major contributors or fellow pseudo-cons. While this purge is another example of how the Bushian politicians have politicized the entire process of governing America, they have severely damaged the trust of all Americans in so doing. Consider the flip side of the coin in this instant example; If the relatively-few handful of US attorneys have stayed on the straight and narrow in performing their functions in a lawful fashion, what does it say about the vast majority of them who are still enjoying the privileges of their positions? Are we to assume that all of the remaining US Attorneys have toed the line and given in to administration urgings to protect certain classes of people, i.e. their friends?

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