Tuesday, May 22, 2007

True Conservatism

"Standing on the corner, watching all the girls go by" were some of the words of a favorite song back when I was a kid standing on the corner (the name of the song escapes me at the moment). Since 1995, however, the trial bar and citizens of the State of Michigan have stood on the corner watching prescription drug-induced casualties mount by the thousands without an available remedy for relief from the damaged caused by the irresponsible behavior of the drug industry. For twelve years now, Michigan law has deemed that a drug approved by the FDA is safe and , thus, the drug's manufacturer cannot be held legally responsible for the harm caused by that drug. In a state where it is estimated that 28,000 deaths a year are caused by legally prescribed prescription drugs, this is unconscionable. The litany of events occurring since 1995 that demonstrate the politics and the idiocy behind this law serve only to reinforce, in my way of thinking, the wisdom of our forefathers in designing the Bill of Rights in guaranteeing (under the Seventh Amendment) that all citizens shall have the right to trial by jury to redress civil grievances. It is the conservatives in our political world that have done this to us. I have a question for those who think such an outrageous usurpation of individual rights furthers the interests of our society. Is it not a basic conservative principle that one should be held accountable for their behavior?

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