Tuesday, October 30, 2007


October 29th, 2007 New York Times
5:31 am

I sense a longing in Prof. Fish’s current lament about Sinatra and Williams. There is a familiarity inasmsuch as the passage of time for old farts such as us tend to look back and grasp for events early in our lives that shaped and motivated us to become what we have become. As a youngster I skipped school one early spring morning and waited outside the ballpark to obtain the autograph of Al Kaline right out of high school playing his first game as a Detroit Tiger. Kaline served for a long time as a model for me and countless other kids as to how to conduct oneself both on and off athletics fields. What Fish and I long for and lament is the absence of heroes, larger than life examples for the current generation of kids to emulate, heroics unsullied by drug usage. But there is hope. Go Curtis Granderson! Go Manny Ramirez!

— Posted by Tom Bleakley

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