Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Feelings are Hurt

My feelings are hurt. No, I shouldn't say that. My feelings are not at issue, but my thoughtful concern about publicly expressing an opinion which I consider worthy of public discourse is. I sent a recent comment to the New York Times Opinionator in support of Rep. Dennis Kucinich's recent call for impeachment. In fact, Kucinich calls for the impeachment of Dick Cheney. Instead, I am a proponent of the ideal espoused by 'the buck stops here' president Harry Truman and advocate the impeachment of George W. Bush. The comment, to my chagrin, was not accepted. From my understanding, the only reasons submitted comments may be rejected are because of being abusive or not on topic. Somewhere deep within the bowels of the New York Times there is someone who doesn't want my views on our current president to be considered by the readers of this newspaper. The essence of my submitted comment is set forth below in the blog of November 1, 2007 (Bush's Mental Health). Judge for yourself. Have I violated the concept of 'abuse' by suggesting that our current president ought to be impeached because of his consistent and steadfast refusal to follow and uphold the laws of our nation? I have written the Opinionator to ask for the reasons for rejection. To date, no response. Stay tuned.

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