Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thoughts on Global Warming

In an era of unprecedented partisan politics, it is difficult to think clearly about the ramifications of global warming without worrying about vehement partisans labeling one a tree hugger or worse. But as the long standing international commission has just warned in summarizing its years long effort to analyze the threat to civilization that warming presents, it is time to act, now. Significant negative changes are likely to occur within our lifetimes if an aggressive stance against those practices which contribute daily to the warming trend is not undertaken. Most Americans, good people all, bust their collective humps to make life good for their kids and grandkids. Our focus has been on the economic and moral aspect of the legacies we leave. Give the kid a good education, teach about life's travails, and we have done our job. It is time to adjust our thinking. We must elevate our thoughts on the subject of global warming and become shepherds of policies and efforts to allow future generations to survive. Yes, survive. This is not a misprint or an over dramatic statement. What is at stake is the survival of human beings in our world. If one gets their thoughts wrapped around this concept, issues such as Iran's potential nuclear capability pale beyond significance. Who is going to be left to bomb if the world's population is forced to live on drifting pieces of plywood necessitated by a forty feet elevation of the world's seas and oceans?

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