Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Challenge

This is a challenge issued to any one who might be reading this essay. I ask that you print this challenge or store it on your hard drive in such a way that come November, 2008 you can retrieve it and see if my prediction has come true. This is it; my prediction is that Huckabee and Obama will be the presidential candidates and that Obama will win in a near landslide. You can almost sense the forces grinding away from the supposedly inevitable outcomes that hold current sway. The tectonic plates of political thinking are shifting and most Americans are coming to realize that, no matter what, they prefer civilized candidates who speak and act with a measure of humanity about their fellow human beings. We, the American public, cry out for candidates who give us hope that a sense of decency will prevail over special interests in the new administration. As an example, the most revealing part of the recent Republican debates was Huckabee's touching defense of his providing educational grants to children of illegal aliens in Arkansas during his tenure as governor of that state. A message of hope; that is what we need. Both Huckabee and Obama provide us with a glimmer of that hope. By my reckoning, all other candidates (other than McCain) fail to pass that test for a variety of reasons. The most subtle example is Edwards' apparent need to demonize the wealthy (two classes in America, etc.) I mention McCain who I like very much, but in the current political climate I think he is unelectable simply because of his pro-war stance. Keep this article someplace. I may wind up with egg on my face and this may turn out to be nothing more than my simple wish list for a potential outcome, but I don't think so.

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