Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Definition of Insanity

Thirty thousand gun deaths a year in the United States! But they're OUR terrorists scream the NRA gun lobby, not some ragheaded foreign terrorist coming over and killing us. Those that kill us are homegrown. Our borders may be secure (and Yes, I am Santa Claus), but the mayhem that is going on inside our borders generated by our home grown terrorists is insane. The crescendo has intensified since Bush and Congress let the 10-year ban on assault-weapons elapse in 2004. The two most recent examples of the results of doing so are the shopping center deaths of eight people in Nebraska and the four deaths in Colorado committed by young men using weapons that would have been banned, not to mention the twenty-plus deaths of college students earlier this year at Virginia Tech.. Most Americans rejected the gun lobby’s absurd claim that assault rifles are “sporting” weapons, but Bush and Congress caved to the gun lobby. This was despite Mr. Bush’s campaign promise to renew the ban. It is insane to note that the ban expired in the midst of politicians’ endless post-9/11 invoking of homeland security. How much carnage will this nation have to endure by OUR terrorists before politicians have the guts to stand up to the nut cases who insist that the second amendment is the religion of the people?

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