Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's Our Turn - Do You Feel It?

For years, seven at least, we have stood by while our intelligence and patriotism have been questioned, challenged and denigrated. During this time, if one expressed a simple disagreement with actions the current administration had taken, the label 'traitor' or 'bleeding heart liberal' was applied as though the most thing an American could do was to remain in lockstep support, neo-fascist style. Over that time, we have witnessed first hand the steady erosion of the constitutional values that for over 200 hundred years had made this country the greatest land on earth. We have witnessed a steady stream of special interest groups steamroll over free market concepts through funding of political candidates. We have watched the rich get richer, not by principles of fair play, but by backroom wink and nod politics that shredded the notion of doing what is right for all Americans including those who cannot buy their way into the White House for an audience. We have watched with dismay a government run in third world banana republic style via the appointment of party hacks to important governmental positions with no apparent qualifications other than loyalty to the chief. We have felt firsthand the ramifications of a President who does not trust the rule of law in the daily functioning of our system of government, who chooses to disregard that rule at his whim.

Now , it's our turn. I could feel it, tears in my eyes, when Obama spoke after the Iowa caucus. But it is far more than that historical speech that brings a lightness to my step. It is the simple fact that twice as many people turned out to vote for Democrats as Republicans. We are ready. It's our turn. Do you feel it?

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