Monday, March 31, 2008

True Or False

True or False. Which Republican president had the greatest impact on conditions involving the Cold War? If you answered Reagan you're wrong. The correct answer is Bush, the second one. We are back in the Cold War. It is my prediction that history will be unkind to He who would be King. As I read about the upcoming Bush-Putin meeting in Romania, it dawned on me that one of Bush's major legacies will be the fact that his policies, or lack of same, have served to revive the Cold War. For Bush, once famously quoted as having “looked [Putin] in the eye…and got a sense of his soul,” and found him “trustworthy,” the current status of mother Russia has occurred as a result of his administration's incompetency and less than fortuitous planning. When Putin and He who would be King were new to their jobs, Russians could expect free elections and a free press and Americans could expect strong relations with Russia and Europe. When they meet, it will be a grim reminder that Bush fell asleep at the switch while our most formidable opponent in the quest for a world of nations based upon democratic principles continues to re-establish its hegemony.

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