Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Don't Even Think About It

The media suggests that Condoleeza Rice is floating trial balloons about being offered the vice presidential candidacy with John McCain. My advice to McCain; forget about it. The very idea is the exact equivalent of He Who Would Be King's posturing about the real world today. In case you missed that, according to He Who . . . there is no financial crisis, our economy is booming, and the war in Iraq was won years ago. In short the idea is unreal and defies imagination. The knowledge that Rice herself apparently feels confident enough to posture in this fashion suggests that she too lives in the same bubble that Bush apparently resides. She cannot and should not be allowed to escape the stench of the Bush administration's ideological incompetence. She bears partial responsibility for failing to demonstrate the moral courage necessary to right the sinking of American diplomacy. She walks lockstep with Bush in everything and deserves the same fate. Fifty years from now,. her legacy will be the same as his. Historians will start by writing "Perhaps the worst Secretary of State in American history is . . ."

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