Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I call it foot and mouth disease; The disease manifests itself when a politician, or a spokesperson, makes a statement about the views of the politician that is mutually contradictory. In popular usage, the term used, instead, is oxymoron in the sense of a simple contradiction in terms. Often, it is then applied to expressions which are used in full earnest and without any sense of paradox by many speakers in everyday language. Comedian George Carlin (God rest his soul) brought many of these to popular attention in his album "Toledo Window Box" and in his live comedy routines.

"With all deliberate speed" (i.e. "go quickly slowly")
Icy Hot
Start Stopping
Liberal conservative
Same difference
Jumbo shrimp
Dumb genius
expect the unexpected
mini giant

Charles Black, one of McCain's advisors, suggested this week that McCain would benefit politically if there was a terrorist attack in the United States before the fall election. What he said was that a terrorist attack would “be a big advantage” for McCain. So let's look at "what if." What if there was such an attack on American soil in September, 2008? What would such an attack tell the American voter about the ability of the Republican party to protect the public from harm? McCain has been lockstep with bush on the issue of our national security so what would the voter realize regarding the person who claims the best ability to protect our nation?

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