Sunday, June 15, 2008

Seeping Racism

The racism is starting to seep in. You can almost see it. You can hear it. You can most certainly feel it. It's kind of like watching dirty bug-infested water seep into a well-carpeted room. When Obama was just a primary candidate for the presidential nomination, his half-black ethnic status was just a source of seemingly well-meaning, yet off-color, jokes. Now that he has gained the nomination the drums are beating. The changes in content of the e-mails I receive have gone from bad attempts at humor to downright viciousness. It appears that there is a substantial segment of our society that will say or repeat anything they have heard about this black man to vilify him simply because he is black. I toyed with the idea that I should put some representative examples of what I have received in this blog, but rejected doing so on the basis that to do so may inappropriately dignify the stuff that is reaching hysterical levels. This is not to say that criticism of Obama's ideas and policies should be off-limits, but downright racism comments are out of order.

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