Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It Is All About the Oil

It is all about the oil. There. I've said it, again. There are several things that have changed since the last time I said it, during the run up to the bombing of Iraq under the guise of whatever false reasons were being advanced at the time. That was five years ago when to say "it's about oil" was viewed as unpatriotic. Anyone who voiced opposition to the war was viewed as a traitor, most particularly if one was crass enough to suggest that oil was the major consideration. Such views from abroad brought us such things as "Freedom Fries". Now we finally find out that the current administration has negotiated a sweetheart deal for four major oil companies, plus a few smaller ones, that gives them a carte blanche no-bid interest in making money, lots of money. The first clue occurred after the initial bombing in Iraq when rioting and looting broke out among the ungrateful Iraqi population for being liberated by America. While national treasures were looted, such as those in the National Museum, our troops were ordered to guard only one institutional entity. the Oil Ministry. Gee, what a surprise! Remember when He who would Be King told us that Iraqi oil would help defray the costs of the war? He was telling us the truth because he was talking about his real constituency, the only one that really matters for him, the oil industry. The horror of American sons and daughters dying for this economic venture makes one weep with anguish over their loss.

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