Sunday, August 3, 2008

Silly Me

Silly me. I grew up thinking that the world is a place where good ideas flourished. Good ideas were a good thing. Example; if the population of the world is using hydrocarbon energy at a rate that threatens the integrity of the planet, it is a good idea to change what we are doing in favor of energy that causes less impact. It is a good idea to wind down the war in Iraq because, most simply put, it is obvious that the Iraqi people don't and didn't want us there in the first place. It is a good idea to hold leaders who lied to us about the need for war against Iraq accountable for their lies. It is a good idea to fight terrorism by bringing together groups of people (countries) of shared values who can agree that a united front against such acts is an affront to civilization and that such acts should be treated as criminal acts and dealt with appropriately. It is a good idea to judge the two candidates for the presidency of the United States by the rationality and viability of the ideas they represent rather than by the color of their skin. It is a good idea for a professed leader of our society to understand and know in detail the differences between Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq. It is a good idea to question the claimed superiority of a person on international matters when that person does not know that Iraq and Pakistan do not share a border. It is a good idea to question the reasons why a person would promote a working plan for dealing with the immigration crisis in America, then oppose that very same plan when running for president. It is a good idea to consider experience, or lack of it, when deciding how to vote for the next president. It is a good idea . . . well you get the idea!

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