Sunday, October 19, 2008

Big Brother Is Watching You

It is crunch time for America. In my last blog I wrote of the need for real change. There are those among my friends with whom I regularly deluge my meanderings who say I am merely parroting lines that are advanced by liberals. One of my golfing friends in Florida has asked that he be removed from my blog list because i was sounding like Keith Olbermann. This week I sent along a funny joke to my golfing buddies and one close friend replied "It's about time you lightened up." Whew, I need to take a deep breath. Maybe I do need to lighten up a bit more. But wait, there is still some unfinished business. There is still some underpinning of the constitutionally-created fabric of life of America that needs to be brought to the public's attention. What is being done in the final days of the Nameless One's administration is the moral and legal equivalent of deliberately seeding the air we all breathe with cancer cells. Under the guise of fighting terrorism, new guidelines for the F.B.I. just recently issued by the administration permit agents to use a range of intrusive techniques to gather information on Americans — even when there is no clear basis for suspecting wrongdoing. Under the rules, agents may engage in lengthy physical surveillance, covertly infiltrate lawful groups, or conduct interviews in which agents lie about their identities while questioning a subject’s neighbors, friends or work colleagues based merely on a generalized “threat.” The rules also allow the use of these techniques on people identified in part by their race or religion without requiring even minimal evidence of criminal activity. In short, Big Brother will be watching you . . . and you . . . and you . . . and me.

This is frightening to me. I respectfully submit that those of you who think I've gone liberal whacko should be frightened too. This new policy creates a chilling scenario for the government to spy on law-abiding Americans based on their ethnic background or political activity. I hear all this stuff from conservatives about getting government out of our lives, but how could anyone dream up a fact situation which could be more intrusive than what has been adopted? Nameless' administration and the FBI have refused a request from Congress to delay the implementation of these guidelines to subject the purpose and intent of these rules to public scrutiny. This great country of ours has undergone a quantum shift under Nameless' direction. This venture into the shameless spying on one another under the rubric of terrorism under his guidance justifies my continued designation of him as "He Who Would Be King." For those of you who agree that the general population should be spied on by the FBI because of the color of their skin, their political or religious beliefs, please pass this blog on to your nearest FBI agent. Maybe I can work myself up the Public Enemy Number One!

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