Saturday, November 1, 2008


Like most of us, I am suffering from pre-election fatigue. It is difficult to think about it, talk about it, not to mention write about it. One of the e-mail requests for funds I received from a GOP Senator this week (Yes, I signed up with both parties to keep track of what the insiders were saying) claimed that if Obama was elected he would establish censorship of conservative talk radio. Wow! I didn't know that and I bet nobody else does either. In the late afternoons it is my practice to listen to Sean Hannity on the radio when I am in my car. Listening to Hannity spout on any topic, I have concluded that he would probably be one of the targets of alleged censorship. Just yesterday, Halloween, Hannity enlightened me by claiming that the holiday was a liberal holiday. In fact he claimed it was the most liberal holiday of all. His argument was that the entire purpose of the holiday was to teach kids that they could learn to expect to get something for nothing. Huh? I almost wet my pants laughing (thank God for Flomax), but then I realized the guy was serious. I wonder how he feels about birthday gifts, hidden Easter baskets and Christmas giving. Are these communist plots? Is someone who drops a few bucks into a Salvation Army kettle during the holidays a socialist? Hannity doesn't need censorship; he needs a strait jacket.

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