Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pay To Study

A sense of dismay arises from within me as I read about the burgeoning number of Americans who are unemployed or underemployed. The New York Times this morning estimates the current number at 21 million and increasing monthly. After reading this I sat and thought for a while about those who are caught in the headlights of this national dilemma. What is a person to do if his/her job has simply disappeared? What is the possibility/likelihood that another job opportunity will come along, one that offers advancements with pay increments so that one currently faced with this dilemma can eventually resume life with a sense of satisfaction and achievement? The key, as I see it, is re-training and re-education. In order to bring the nation's abilities up to snuff we, of course, must allow each individual in the nation the oopportunity to start over. This would cost money, lots of it. Not only would schools and training programs need to be expanded, people would/should be paid to attend and obtain new training. This is the educational and training equivalent of the bailout billions given to our greedy financial sector with one exception; the unemployed and underemployed did not create the mess we are in.

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