Sunday, February 22, 2009

Political Attention Deficit Disorder

The very recent imbroglio by and about CNBC's Rick Santelli and his rant about bailing out spendthrifts and wastrels in the mortgage crisis by using the dollars of honest and hardworking Americans is said to be the equivalent of the initial response to the designation of Sarah Palin as the VP Republican candidate. In a reaction very much along party lines, the Republicans are screaming bloody murder about the injustice of it all. In the truest sense of the word, this reaction is akin to a tantrum being thrown by a child whose toys have been removed from the living room to clean up for company. There are a hundred different ways to look at this, but the view I prefer is considering what we are hearing as an example of short term attention deficit disorder in the community-at--large which was previously known as Republicans.(FAKARS). These FAKARS are now on the outside looking in and after eight years of systematically destroying the foundation of our economic way of life from unmitigated and unregulated conduct based on greed. They profess to be shocked at the concept that the little people in our society are getting screwed by their neighbors who bought homes too expensive for their means. Let me give these people a little reality therapy. It is true. Some people who should not benefit will benefit. Two wrongs don't make a right. But, the bottom line is that things are such a mess, something has to be done. The FAKARS were the ;people who pushed through the idea that mortgages could not be adjusted in bankruptcy courts. They were the people who pushed through the selling concepts that money could be lent without restriction to people who could ill afford to pay by failing to disclose adequately the concepts of adjusted mortgage rates to thousands of people who just simply want to do better in life than previous generations. All this prattle about morality is disgusting and its superficiality will last about as long as Sarah Palin did on the national political scene.

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