Friday, March 6, 2009

These Guys Just Don't Get It

These guys just don't get it. What I am referring to is the recent spending bill which is in the process of being passed (after a short term delay by Republican senators to embarrass the Democrats) and which contains more than 8500 earmarks valued at 7 billion dollars. Obama ran on an agenda which promised to veto any budget containing earmarks and McCain has been consistent in his opposition to them. Obama's rationale in letting these current earmarks slip through the system is that the spending proposal is the last year of Bush's. Nevertheless, the public, including yours truly, is looking for ways to cut spending and tightening belts to deal with the reality that we are all worth a hell of a lot less than we were last year at this time. Someone in Congress should have the guts to stand up and say this is the time to demonstrate a measure of thrift and stop the business as usual attitude that permeates Washington. Harry Reid, I'm talking to you.

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