Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Sons-In-Law/Obama Connection

He gets things done. Period. After thinking about the initial days of Obama's presidency, I can conjure up several words that describe his approach; whirlwind, omnipresent, organized, ambitious, to name but a few. Take his recently completed foreign trip as an example. He visited six countries, held 25 meetings, conducted eight variations of press conferences and participated in two town halls in two separate countries. He attended three summits and several receptions, gave two speeches, laid a wreath, walked across a bridge, took several tours of spots of local interest and made a quick stop in Iraq. He did all this in about eight days, a schedule so vigorous it makes me tired to think about it. Obama functions in a manner which is strikingly familiar to me. I am blessed with the presence of three sons-in-law in my life. Each of these fine men is in the age range, demographically speaking, of Obama and each keeps up an impressive and rigorous "get'er done" schedule that is apparently typical of this age group. They do it seamlessly, effectively and efficiently without seeking attention. Their respective activities are beyond the scope of this writing, yet suffice it to say that they are each in their own way organized and effective. However, the most important characteristic they share with Obama is how they function as fathers. For those of you who have heard me prattle on and on about my grandchildren, you already know that I have eight of the most beautiful, gifted, intelligent, smart, and versatile grand kids on the planet (If you haven't heard the stories, don't get me started). These men love their kids, spend time with them, in ways that are truly impressive. There are some who wonder why I like Obama so much. the reason is simple. He's like my sons-in-law. He's a good, make that great, father.

p.s. to my daughters. The above commentary is meant in no way to dilute or minimize the wonderful jobs you do as the mothers of your children. Love, Dad

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