Friday, October 16, 2009

I Can't Win By Promising Nothing

I have always wanted to run for public office by declaring as my official campaign promise that, if elected, I would do absolutely nothing, return my pay check to the government, and rail against other elected officials for spending money on campaign promises that the government does not already have in the bank. Now I read that the conservative party in England has a guy who is gaining favor among the electorate waging exactly that type of campaign. I hope he gets elected. My republican friends, those of short memory, lament the spending of Democrats. They seem to forget that Bush put the costs of the Afghan and Iraq wars on a credit card so that future generations would have to pay for it. Bush and the Republican Congress rammed through part D of Medicare, the prescription drug plan with the doughnut hole, which added an extra 850 billion dollars to the credit card debt to be borne by our children and grandchildren, not to mention their children. Bush and the Republican Congress converted the budget surplus inherited from the clinton administration to a trillion dollar deficit in eight short years. Wow. And these are conservatives? Even responsible liberals like, ahem, myself, realize and recognize that one must pay for what one gets. Just as in Great Britain, it is time in America for politicians of all stripes to stand up and declare that we can no longer do what we have been doing, i.e., spending beyond, well beyond, our means. At the present time, I can't win an election by promising nothing because the electorate has been conditioned by slick politicians to expect something for nothing. So I'll stick to golf.

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