Thursday, April 1, 2010

Follow Up from Yesterday's Blog

Prior to yesterday's bog, I wrote the person who schedules our once a week golf game and asked that I be removed from the list because of the reasons stated in the blog. I received a reply from that individual and what follows below is that reply and my response.

I have taken you off the list. however this also takes you off the tuesday skins game list.

i think maybe the follows of the all mighty one my be too senstive about email that are for entertainment and not to be taken seriously. it is no secret that i do not like obama and his social programs. and i think time will prove he is the worst president that this country has ever had.

i dont know your income level but i dont like paying as much tax as i do and see it wasted on lazy people who would not strike a lick at a snake but wait for the government to come to their aid.

Dear ____: Thanks for your response. Anyone who know me knows several things about me; I have a great sense of humor and I enjoy all types of 'entertainment.' I am not a follower of the all mighty, as you put it. I pay a hell of a lot more in income taxes than I want to each year. On several occasions during my legal career I have represented persons free of charge (pro bono) who have done or said things that qualify for protection under the various amendments to our U.S. Constitution and I have experienced the public repercussions of representing the unpopular client for doing so. I was raised and still live in the Detroit area where, as you know, racial issues, to put it mildly, are constantly on the front burner. I respect absolutely and without reservation your right to say whatever you want to say about others. However, there is a line that I draw that is about me, not you. I believe that the continuous fanning of the flames of racism is destructive and not funny. My personal belief is that one is either part of the problem or part of the solution and I simply choose to be part of the solution. The choice I have made in the instant situation is to not participate in the continuous dialogue. Tom

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