Friday, July 20, 2012

It Is About the Economy

Willard Romney makes a good point.  This upcoming presidential election is about the economy.  His constant hammering of the subject caused me to wonder just how well the economy has done since President Obama took over on Jan 21, 2009.  I Googled that date for information on the stock market, one of the best indicators of the state of our country’s economic health. describes the level of the market on that date;

“The Dow Jones closed below 8000 for only the second time since this level was broken back in October. This is a break down and is viewed as bearish. There are two support levels worth watching, 7773.71 and 7449.38. 8000 has been a huge support level and I wouldn't be surprised to see us bounce around this level for several days or weeks for that matter.  . . . As long as we stay below 8500, I continue to be bearish on the overall stock market and stocks in general.”

Yesterday, the Dow Jones closed at 12,943.36 (source; my I-phone app).  Let me do the math (counting on fingers and toes . . .) the Dow Jones this morning is 4943 points higher than when Obama took office as president, nearly 40% higher!  When I head out to the golf course to play with my buddies today, I’m going to tell them I don’t want to talk about politics.  I want to talk about my tax returns which reflect an average increase in income the last three years in excess of twelve per cent per year.

Just Saying . . .

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