Saturday, September 8, 2012

Romney the Business Manager

One of Romney’s major untested theories as to why he should be elected President is that his business and management skills and acumen are what the country need right now.  I thought about this claim as I watched both Parties’ national conventions.  What I saw on the Democratic side was a well-rehearsed consistent theme coming from every speaker in a cohesive fashion that suggested, if nothing else, an organization that was prepared to present a unified and thorough presentation of why voters should vote for Obama.  In short, the person in charge deserves an A+ for managerial skills.   On the other hand, the Republican side represented nothing more than a series of platitudes and 2016 campaign speeches from speakers who appeared to frequently veer off whatever topic they were presenting. As an example, Chris Christie, reported to be a favorite candidate for the 2016 election gave the keynote speech.  He mentioned Romney’s name only 7 times and used the first person singular  (I did this, I did that . . .) a total of 37 times!   Not one speaker addressed how the major issue of the day was to be handled.  Watchers wanted specifics about Ryan’s plan, Romney’s vision, but all they got was an 82 year old man in prime time speaking to an empty chair about topics which were difficult to explain to a young child.  “Daddy, what did he mean when he said Mr. Romney couldn’t do that to himself?  Do what?”  Romney’s shining hour should have been given an R rating so that parents would have been warned about letting their children watch.  Eastwood’s presentation would have been funny at a frat party or inside a golf club locker room, but in prime time?  President Truman was right.  The office of the presidency is where the buck stops. If Romney’s C- effort in managing the Republican convention is an example of his self-reported managerial skills, heaven help us all if he should become president. 

Just saying . . .

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