Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Human People Win

Amid all the opinionizing and speculating about why Obama won, there is little being said about who the real winners of the election are; human people, all of us, Democrats and Republicans alike.  By this I mean that the declaration by the U.S. Supreme Court that corporations are persons and, as such, are entitled to the same constitutional protections and rights enjoyed by human beings placed the character and essence of our society at extreme risk. In the Citizens Union case which held that corporations are people for the purpose of exercising freedom of speech through limitless campaign spending, our country was placed at risk of becoming a third-world banana republic controlled and manipulated behind the scenes by the likes of the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, big Pharma, international gas and oil megacorps, not to mention Karl Rove and all the secret corporate donors.  I submit that the net result of this election has more to do with what real people stood to lose if Romney prevailed.  The Court as it stands now has, in reality, been the most politically activist court in the history of our nation.  In case after case, the court has swept aside precedent to effectuate a far right wing philosophy that serves no interests other than big business.  In the next four years, it appears likely that two, maybe three, seats on the Supreme Court will be vacated either through illness or ageing.  President Obama will have the opportunity to reshape the Court into a more moderate presence in our society.  The litmus test for any new Justice must be the return of sanity to the Court by reversing the ‘corporations are people’ bent that the present Court has cultivated and refined through its pseudo-intellectual reasoning process.  

Just Saying . . . 

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