Sunday, June 16, 2013

Follow the President

The United States has just endured two of its longest and certainly fruitless wars in its history.
 Iraq is moving in the direction of civil war, and when we leave Afghanistan the previous status quo will certainly be restored; schools closed for girls, and a nation under the Taliban and billions of taxpayer dollars wasted. 
 Likewise, there are no good options for success in Syria.  Let McCain, Clinton and Brzezinski spout intervention, but other than their obvious intent to bully Obama or cater to the fundamentalist right wing fringe of the Republican party, their proclamations have no force of power.  Obama's prudent resistance to the undue pressures from this trio should be applauded, not ridiculed or condemned. His reticence is a virtue and a strength,  not a defect or weakness.  President Obama is the president, and we should follow his lead.

Just saying . . .

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