Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Bushes are Back

Heaven help us all. The Bush family dynasty is rearing its ugly head again in the form of Jeb Bush ranting against President Obama’s handling of the Ebola situation, an obvious first salvo in a run for the presidency. Hasn’t this family killed enough Americans (more than five thousand at last count) in trumped-up unnecessary wars to sufficiently tarnish whatever grand proclamations any member of that silver spoon-clan has to say about anything?  Hasn’t this family killed enough foreign citizens (more than 200,000 in Iraq alone) to lose any credibility about how to handle a potential crisis?  Wait, you might say. Is it fair to extrapolate the demagoguery and shortcomings of Georgie Junior to the younger and more intelligent Jeb who can actually speak in full sentences, unlike his older brother?  We have daily reminders of Junior’s handiwork in the holdings of the Supreme Court’s far-right activist justices who have equated money with speech in deciding that elections will go to the highest bidder.  The theme "Money Talks, Everyone Else Walks" is the current electoral trend compliments of Junior-appointed justices Roberts and Alioto. The Bush family message (and its legacy) has been received. The government of the United States is for sale to the highest unnamed bidders.  I predict we will have the opportunity to witness a first-class pandering of Tea Party types by Jeb-Boy as he systematically moves far enough to the right by demonstrating his hatred of all things Obama, the only way that he can possibly be considered a serious candidate.

The Bushes have done enough damage to our country already. Let’s not go there again. Enough is enough.

Just saying . . .

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