Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Tonight George Bush (I have difficulty referring to him as the President) will announce to the nation his surge plan which will, in effect, condemn another three thousand or so young American men and women to death, not to mention tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens. Where help is needed, what is really needed, is a statesman somewhere inside the government bureacracy of this great nation of ours who can stand up and tell George and the rest of our country what everyone else in the world already knows; George, you are nuts. Your imperialistic, constitution-defying, irrational behavior and thinking is simply crazy. I have a test for you, George. Have your daughters enlist in one of the branches of the military service and see that they are placed in harm's way in the trenches in Iraq and then tell us what you are doing is the right thing for this country and the rest of the world. Put your daughters where your mouth is.

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