Sunday, January 7, 2007

The nation's founding principles and impeachment

The administration’s assault on some of the nation’s founding principles continues unabated. If the Democrats shirk their responsibility to stop it, that would make them no better than the Republicans who formed and enabled these policies in the first place. Previously, I was an avid supporter of Debbie Stabenow, Michign'a junior senator (D), who retained her seat as a result of the November 2006 elections. Senator Stabenow, less than six weeks before her re-election, voted in favor of the Republican's misguided and illegal plan to suspend habeas corpus relief to those held at Guatanamo. The notion that a fellow human being could be held indefinitely at the whim of a government with no need whatsoever to account for its actions, along with the recently post-election announcement of the Bush adminstration that it maintains that it can open up U.S. Postal first class mail without the benefit of a warrant, strikes me as being the very essence of a tyrannical government. These are but a few typical exdamples of a broad pattern that has been established. It is not the type of government I envisioned during the period of my life I studied and fought and litigated to preserve the founding principles emobdied in our Constitution.

The lawless and reckless disregard of our cherished values makes a strong case for impeachment and conviction of this seemingly crazy president who seems so hell-bent on destroying our basic values. Quite simply, he needs to be relieved of his responsibilities before thousands more of our young men and women die needlessly in his latest gambit, the so-called surge, which is in reality nothing more than a major escalation of an already hopeless war.

Senator Stabenow, who supported part of this craziness, should be ashamed of herself. At the time I became aware of her actions, I sent her an e-mail asking for a refund of my campaign contributions. To date I have not heard from her and I strongly suspect she is hoping I will go away. News flash: Not only will I not go away, I hereby call on you, Senator Stabenow, to lead the charge to reverse this ugly act and begin the process of impeaching George W. Bush.

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