Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Victory At See

Ever since I was a kid, a time that gets further away all the time, one of the things that has aggravated me most was someone who would rub salt in the wounds of a pyrrhic win over me in something trivial by saying "See I told you". I would like to talk about one of the best at this game. I am referring to my dear friend, the dubious private investigator Nat Sluzak. Nat, as he prefers to be called, is a master at the "See I told you" game. A former defense lawyer, Sluzak would deliberately irritate the hell out of people in legal settings, put them under stress so that they would react in a manner that would ultimately be favorable to his client. Then he'd put that smirk on his face, sit back and declare "See I told you . . .". Over the past few years, as the arteries inside Sluzak's brain have hardened and deteriorated, he has become the spokesman, self-designated, for the Republican party and I have had to listen endlessly to taunts and chants of the 'I told you so" variety. If we were playing golf, he would play an obvious left breaking putt far to the right and on the rare occasion when the ball would go in the hole, he would preen like a peacock. Just like George W. Which brings us to the present; last night we spoke by phone and my inveterate friend informed me that he was considering voting for Obama. I listened silently on the line as Sluzak ticked off reason after reason why Obama would be good for our country as the next President. I resisted the desire to interrupt his diatribe by saying it to his face. I woke up early this morning refreshed and re-energized and just itching to get to it. Here it is: Now it's my turn. Paybacks are hell, Nat. See. I told you.

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