Sunday, January 27, 2008

Imploding His Legacy

Up front I need to tell you where I am coming from; I think Clinton (Bill that is) was one of our best presidents. The country did very well under his direction, although he needed to steal a few pages (remember welfare reform) from the Republicans to do so. One hundred years from now, the historians will hardly remember the Monica Lewinski incident. I know, I know, the Limbo-ites will sharply disagree with me on this, but I am going somewhere else and I need to make the point that, in fact, he was a good president. Thus, it is fascinating to me to watch the man, almost daily, tarnish himself as he red faces and underhands his way through the mind field of his wife's presidential campaign. The two of them, Hillary and Bill, seem to have settled on a campaign strategy which, in effect, says that 'we as a couple ran this country in the nineties, so we would like to run it again beginning in 2008.' To continue to do so will have one of two natural effects because the public isn't buying it. The first effect will be that Barack Obama will prevail in the Democratic primaries and become the candidate, and eventually, the next president of the United States. The second will be that if the Clintons prevail and win the presidential nomination and the Republicans are smart, McCain will be the next president. If the Clintons do make it into the White House, we all need to prepare for at least four more years of bunker mentality-polarized nation stuff, stuff which 85% of the voting population wants to leave behind as a grim reminder of the Bushian/Rovian pseudo-con era.

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