Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What's So Funny?

Is it just me or did anybody else think that Bush's style of delivery during his State of the Union address was inappropriate? From day one I have reacted negatively to the smirk on his face. I see that some in the press call it the frat-boy smirk and I share in that assessment. But last night was beyond frat-boy. His pattern of delivery was double frat-boy. He would deliver a line about some major problem the United States faces all the while grinning like he was telling a joke. Then he would pause and smirk while half the room (I will let you guess which side) applauded. I didn't have to stretch my imagination too far to picture him at a college party exhibiting the same demeanor, the first and the last to laugh at his own jokes. Except this time, the jokes aren't so funny. I'm glad that this eight year nightmare is almost over.

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