Monday, April 21, 2008

My Garage

As we all know, or at least have been told countless times, our world is facing a crisis. Global warming is, or should be, the "hottest" issue (sorry about that) of the presidential campaign. But there are other major concerns as well. Most of us do not like to think beyond tomorrow or the next day about depleting the world of its resources, but I should like to point out the obvious; there is not an endless supply of commodities such as oil, precious metals, arable land, etc. and we would do well to think about the fact that at some point in time in the future it will be gone. Oil will run out and the world MUST find an alternative. Other precious commodities, more scarce than oil, may not last as long as oil but still may compromise our good lives in unimaginable ways. Because I am the forward thinking type, I note with alacrity that the supply of titanium in the world is also dwindling. I have also viewed this as an investment opportunity. Let me explain. As my wife is quick to point out, the accumulation of golf clubs in my garage is excessive and she is forever imploring me to get rid of them. What she fails to realize is the unique investment I have made in dealing with the inevitable depletion of precious metals on our planet. I am talking about drivers; drivers with titanium club heads. I have invested in this commodity with the keen intuition of Warren Buffett such that I may have cornered the market place on this precious metal and that is why I cannot get rid of them. I have Ping drivers (three), Callaway (three including the original Big Bertha), Taylor Made and Cobra. I have drivers from companies whose names I cannot pronounce. I also have knock offs, although to be honest, I am unsure if the quality of titanium is as good as my name brand collection. Then, in addition to the forward thinking of investment in this rare precious metal, there has been the added advantage to me is that each of these drivers has served me well for at least a week or two until, for some inexplicable reason, they stop hitting the ball as far or as straight as one would hope. What keeps me going, as the end of the world approaches, is the advantage I will have by arranging to have the heads of all my drivers melted down and re-shaped into one giant 550cc pure titanium clubhead. Now, did I mention my investment in putters?

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