Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Next Step

I have entitled this writing "The Next Step" because it is my opinion that Hillary has succeeded in ensuring that the next president of these United States will not be a Democrat. Her "take no prisoners" gutter politics approach to the primary will result in a weakened Democratic presidential candidate virtually guaranteeing that McCain will win the White House. The signal for my conclusion is a impressive study which reveals that 30% of those who support either Obama or Clinton will not vote for the other candidate if their selection loses the nomination. The next step, thus, becomes the most crucial issue facing the nation at the moment. Who will McCain select as his vice-presidential running mate? The reason why this is such a crucial step is that person will undoubtedly become the successor President after McCain is through. McCain may have health issues. It is my understanding that so far he has failed to release his medical records, most particularly of his recent bout with the facial tumor which required disfiguring surgery. One would hope, for him and the nation, that microscopic cells lurking somewhere in his body do not determine the de facto presidential outcome. As I have mentioned often in the past, I like John McCain. I think he is a decent and honest human being. It is true that he does pander, on occasion, for votes. Find me a politician who doesn't, but I do believe his integrity is his strong suit. What worries me is not so much him, but the age/health factors which engulf him. If he selects Romney, or a Romney type, heaven help us all. We need to keep the last seven years of the current administration's near destruction of our national integrity, honor, prestige, principles and economy in mind when we evaluate his selection. As the veep will be on standby, more than usually, as the successor to McCain, we need better than someone who thinks keeping America strong by doubling the size of the Guantanamo prison is the direction this country ought to take. It would be an act of grace, courage and integrity if McCain were to select Joe Lieberman as his running mate.

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