Monday, September 8, 2008


I watched the Sunday Talk shows yesterday. I watched and listened to George Stephenopolous ask some tough questions of Barack Obama in a contentious manner, often interrupting the candidate in the middle of responding to an earlier question. I also watched and listened to Bob Schieffer interview McCain and lob him softballs. No tough questions there. If I had Schieffer's job, I would want to know why McCain allowed Palin to describe Obama's policy on terrorism as "He wants to read them their rights" much to the delight of the Republican crowd. Do Republicans, led by McCain, endorse waterboarding, the activities at Abu Ghraib, rendition, Guantanamo and the rest? The evening following Palin's statements McCain made great political hay, so to speak, by describing the torture he experienced at the hands of the North Vietnamese, a not a dry eye in the house-type moment. But what is the message here on a policy issue of manifest importance? A prime time TV interview less than four days after this apparent dichotomy in Republican policy certainly should have been explored. Another favorite Republican mantra is the liberalism of the mainstream media. Schieffer's failure to followup on this glaring and obvious differences between the two Republican candidates puts the lie to this claimed liberal bias. More importantly, the answer to the question lies at the heart of whether the politician McCain will continue to run the country in a manner inimical to the moral code upon which we were founded. The mixed message being given needs to be clairified.

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