Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Traffice Light is Red . . . and Blinking

Before I begin, I need to ask a question; Did any one notice that during the Republican convention that the name of He Who Would Be King was changed by apparent fiat to He Who Should Be Nameless? Sorry. Just had to throw that in. Now back to work.

During the course of my career the best way I could think of to describe to jurors about how standards were violated was to use the analogy of running a red traffic light while driving. Juries would hear my standard spiel about drug companies and physicians running red lights and causing harm to others. But, in order to violate a red light, one has to first recognize its existence. In that context, there was a moment during McCain's acceptance speech that burned a flashing red light in my brain. It was the "We are all Georgians" statement. This proclamation stood out like a sore thumb, or, rather, a red light because to me it registered exactly like the statement of He Who Should Be Nameless during one of his early State of the Union addresses when he spoke of the axis of evil which, of course, included Iraq. Shortly thereafter, the country was hunkered down in a war against Iraq fostered by a series of clever manipulations and lies which, in my opinion, justifies the impeachment of the Nameless One. It is obvious, from McCain's statement, that he has something in mind with respect to Georgia that is akin to our Iraq experience. This man needs to be thoroughly vetted on this issue and he needs to tell the country exactly what he intends to do about the situation before he can be voted into our highest office. Does he intend to repeat the failure of Iraq by flaming the fires of war with Russia? Just this week, the Nameless One has announced that we will give one billion dollars to Georgia. For what? It would be better given to our own State of Georgia to improve their roads and highways than to continue to feed the neo-cons desire to save the rest of the world from themselves. The red light is flashing. We can do something about it now. We can elect someone who does not have their finger on the trigger.

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