Friday, March 28, 2014

Free Legal Advice!!!

I am giving free legal advice in this blog;  Incorporate yourself.

Why do I recommend this?  It is a cozy time for corporations in the United States today. Previously, corporations were considered only as persons for tax purposes, as legal fictions, whose only reason for existence was the making of money,  However, a quantum shift in the status of corporation-persons has taken place recently.  In a gigantic leap of questionable logic, God-given rights secured by the constitution of the United States for us human-persons have been deemed to be applicable to corporation-persons.  As an example, the Republican majority of the Supreme Court has given the right of corporation-persons to give unlimited money to politicians in the exercise of their first amendment rights to freedom of speech; i.e., stated another way, money talks.  The upshot of the recent Citizens United opinion, written by Justice Kennedy, is that unlimited God-given giving to American politicians is not corrupt.  (The same behavior by law is deemed criminally corrupt when companies give money (i.e., bribes) to foreign politicians to obtain favors.)  Somewhere there exists a fine distinction between these acts, but I’ll be damned if I can figure out where it is.   

And the Supreme Court is currently deciding the issue of the religious freedom of corporation-owners to impose their religious beliefs on their employees.  Stay tuned on that one.  Oral arguments were heard this past week and the swing vote of Justice Kennedy is in play.  The gist of the arguments was such that it is clear that the four conservative justices are solidly in favor of granting religious freedoms to corporation-persons.

Further, if you are a human person (as opposed to a corporation-person) and receive a government handout, you are a taker, a member of the 47% crowd that Mitt Romney crowed about in his ‘private’ speech to fat-cat political contributors.  The stated reason why such handouts are so terrible is they are said to reduce the incentive to do real work and just live off our (the rest of us) hard-earned money.  I quote a Republican senator  back a few years ago, who likened the act of  human-persons taking government handouts to ‘sucking the teat’ of society.  Terrible stuff, you takers!   However, corporation-persons, big and small, get government handouts to the tune of 80 billion dollars from local governments nationwide annually with nary a peep.  Owners of private planes and yachts receive special tax breaks.  The top ten big banks receive more than 83 billion dollars a year from the federal government.  Hedge fund and private equity managers' income is treated for tax purposes as capital gains rather than as ordinary income like poor working stiffs.   Senator Tom Corburn has characterized these benefits as 'ludicrous handouts to millionaires."  According to the holy grail, these mega-billion dollar handouts for the benefit of corporation-persons, unlike human persons, does not reduce incentives to work.  These handouts are said to increase the incentive to make money when it is given to corporation-persons.  These huge amounts of tax-payer money are given to these entities, often at the expense of reduced funding of education, reducing food stamps for the unemployed, etc.  The stated purpose of giving corporation-persons this money is to get them to get to do things, like create jobs, which has proven to be of no use or value in the long run.  The trillion-dollars that corporations-persons have stashed off-shore is living testament to this contended folly of job creation. 

Now you understand the reasons for my giving free legal advice.  Incorporate yourself.  Make the transformation from a human-person to a corporation-person because you will be better off.  You can take all the government money you want and nobody will criticize you or call you lazy and shiftless.  Claim what the Republicans and our Supreme Court say are your God-given rights. 

Just saying . . .

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