Saturday, April 19, 2014

Green Cheese

The moon is made of green cheese.  I repeat, the moon is made of green cheese.  The chances of convincing a substantial portion of the American public that the moon is made of green cheese are very high if only I can find an extremely wealthy financier to give me enough money to bribe, (Oops, the Supreme Court doesn’t like that word), let me substitute ‘influence ‘ politicians that this Dr. Suess idiom is true.  To do so, I will also need the assistance of Fox TV and a ‘connector’. I would define ‘connector’ as a claim, whether true or not, that President Obama persists in denying that the moon is made of green cheese.  Given these criteria, all the elements will be in place.  Once the idiom is repeated enough times by the blonde news pundits on the various Fox ‘news’ programs, the claim will become an election day issue which will guarantee a large turnout from that group of people (known as Republicans) that, convinced the moon is made of green cheese, will vote, knee-jerk style, against anything Obama stands for.   If the Koch brothers and ALEC through bribery, (Oops, that word again), can get the green cheese issue on election ballots, Republican dominated states will declare, without a hint of shame, but with the usual righteous indignation, that the moon is, indeed,  made of green cheese.  For anyone who thinks this latter statement is too harsh, I invite you to name one thing, anything at all, that any Republican in the country is in agreement with something Obama has done or said in his six years as the president of our country when the contrary position has had the big-money backing of the Koch brother or Sheldon Adelson, a couple of fat-cats exercising their first amendment right to express themselves by letting their money talk for them rather actually saying something intelligent.

Take the ACA, the Affordable Care Act, for instance.  Less than a year after its implementation, the ACA is a demonstrable unqualified success.  This week more than 8 million Americans have already signed up to receive its benefits which include, among others, the right to be insured even if one has a pre-existing illness, the right to keep a child 26 and under on a parent’s insurance policy, and as the current Congressional Budget Office report estimates, the cost of the law will be $100 billion lower than expected and will significantly shrink the deficit over the next 10 years.

Now, take a deep breath and repeat after me; the moon is made of green cheese, the moon is made of green cheese.  The Koch brothers have sponsored this message that will be prominently advertised 400 times a day until election day and Koch-supported congressmen will vote for the 45th? time to repeal the ACA buttressed by Paul Ryan’s assertion that covering people with pre-existing conditions is too expensive.  (Note to myself: Remember to ask the GOP what do we do for those people).

Oh yeah, and I'm the tooth fairy.  Just saying . . .

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