Monday, May 12, 2014

A Quiz; Picking Up After Oneself

Picture a young couple walking down a street, hand-in–hand, eating sandwiches wrapped in a layer of paper and covered in tin foil.  As the couple finishes their snack, they discard the paper and the tin foil on someone's lawn adjacent to the side walk.  Then, they start to walk away and the homeowner comes out and tells the couple to pick up their discarded items.  The couple starts screaming at the homeowner.

Now the quiz:

Which of these persons is Marxist in the eyes of Republican conservatives?

Answer: The neighbor who makes the couple clean up their mess.

Question: What word is the couple screaming at the homeowner?

Answer:  "Marxist"

We are entering another election cycle where the makeup of the Senate is at stake.  One of the major issues will be the corporate (i.e., big, really big money) equivalent of this homely example.  Big money gas and oil companies, financed by the Koch brothers and other extremely wealthy Republican donors and their bribed politicians, will be trying to convince you that government attempts to hold mass polluters of our society responsible for cleaning up their own messes is Marxist-like socialism.  While some fanatics are still in denial about the warming trend of the world and the man-made contribution of pollutants accelerating that trend, many conservatives (in apparent realization that 97% of the scientists in the world can’t be wrong) have moved on to the second part of their plan; i.e., it is Marxism at its very worst in the government forcing these polluters to clean up after themselves.

In other words, they want to leave their own mess for someone else to clean up and it is Marxist to say otherwise.  Keep track of the 'M' word during this election  period.   Remember that the land and the air these companies are polluting is our land and air.

Just saying . . .

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Anonymous said...

It is too late. The socialist, liberal and somewhat communist element in the united States has taken control of the once Republic and the subjugation will be complete in just a few years.
The current president is a tool of the 'powers-that-are' and the Sovereign Americans do not have a chance. Keep your powder dry!